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Accepting Clients Starting April 2023

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I’m a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. I am also a certified breath coach, yoga trapeze instructor, and flexibility and mobility yoga instructor.

I have worked in public safety industry for over 17 years, as an emergency medical technician and an emergency medical dispatcher. I specialize in yoga for public safety or for those working in a physically demanding job.

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Yoga is beneficial in so many ways.

Take the next step to take care of your mind and body.

Increase Energy

Boots alertness, increase mental and physical energy.

Increase Mobility

Regular yoga practice increases blood flow and keeps muscles active.

Decrease Stress

Yoga helps with stress management, and improves your quality of sleep.

Yoga Styles Offered

Wondering if yoga can help you get in shape, build strength, flexibility and balance?
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Flexibility and Mobility Training

Do you have locked up hips? Tight hamstrings? Stiff lower back? If so, Science of Stretching can help.

My class is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body.

No experience required, super stiff people always welcome. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.








Vinyasa Flow Yoga

I teach vinyasa flow style, a fitness-based approach for strength, mobility, weight loss, and stress management. Oh, and my classes are fast-paced and fun. Want to see if it’s right for you?






Yoga Breathing

Yoga Breathing is a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, and improve sleep.

No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.


million Americans practice yoga
million over age of 50 practice yoga
years yoga has been practiced appx.
percent of yogis are beginners